We always welcome new patients

First Appointment

We hope your first visit her will be a pleasant and relaxing experience. We will make every effort to put you at your ease, as we know going to a new dentist is a stressful event for a lot of people. The first visit normally takes 30-40 minutes, allowing us loads of time to discuss in detail any issues you have and all your treatment options.

While sitting in our peaceful waiting room, you will be asked to complete a brief medical questionnaire. Bring along a list of any medication you are on if you have trouble remembering their names. You will then be met by your dentist and brought into our state of the art treatment surgery. After a chat about any concerns you may have, a comprehensive examination is carried out, and the results discussed with you. We often use x-ray or photos to help us with our diagnosis. You will be able to see all of these, as they often help to explain things in a language you can understand.

Once all the options/visits/costs etc are discussed, then you can choose to make further appointments for treatment at the reception desk as you leave. In complex cases, an individual proposed treatment plan with costs will be posted out to you the next day.

My first impression was the friendly atmosphere, I was so at ease from the first appointment, I felt like I was the only one! Going to the dentist was always a big deal to me and getting a brace was a huge life changing decision. I enjoyed my visits and the friendly staff made me feel so welcome and shared in my excitement of my teeth moving into place from the braces.

Thrilled to bits with my teeth and so grateful to all the team at Elmwood to make this dream come true for me.

So glad my friend Patsy introduced me to Elwood Dental – Patsy is also working there and the professionalism was second to none. I can’t stop smiling, thank you team Elmwood.
Maria Harrington

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Missed Appointments/Late cancellation

At Elmwood Dental, we try very hard to respect your time and schedule.  When you make an appointment then that time is set aside solely for you. 

The surgery will be set up with all the materials/lab work and equipment needed for your individual treatment. Most appointments are 30-60 minutes long depending on complexity.

If you cannot make an appointment, we need at least 24 hours notice. This allows us to offer the appointment to a patient on our cancellation list, or someone who is in pain and needs to be seen urgently. If you do not cancel with good notice, or fail to attend your appointment, we reserve the right to offer no further appointments or charge a re-appointment fee. However, we understand that sometimes personal emergency situations will arise, and we reserve the right to waive the charge if appropriate.

PRSI/Medical Card Entitlements

If you qualify for PRSI Dental Benefit, you are entitled to one check up and one subsidised payment towards cleaning per calendar year. If you give your PPS number to our reception team in advance of your visit, we can check for you if you qualify. Medical card patients are entitled to one check-up per calendar year, two filling per calendar year (the tooth must not have been filled under the medical card in the previous five years), all extractions and some emergency treatments. We are no longer accepting medical cards with new patients. Any patient is free to be seen on a private basis if they wish.


Payment for treatment is expected on the day. We accept cash and card we offer payment plans for our Six Month Smiles Orthodontic treatment. Your medical or dental insurance can sometimes cover a proportion of the cost. We are registered with VHI, Aviva, Laya and Glow. Our reception team will help in any way required. You can also claim back some costs of certain dental treatments from the revenue on the MED2 form. We will be happy to help you with this.

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Dental Emergencies

If you are a patient of our practice and have a dental emergency please call our practice first thing that morning where we will try to accommodate you as soon as possible. Please bear in mind that emergency appointments are rarely available at our most popular times (lunch/after work) and we may need some flexibility from you as to your appointment time.

Not a patient?

If you are not a patient of our practice and if we have space, we are still happy to see and treat your dental emergency.