Gum Treatments

At every check up we assess the health of your gums.

A small probe is gently used to measure the pocket or space between the tooth and the gums. A healthy pocket should be no more than 3mm deep and does not bleed.

If gum disease is not present, and you just have some tartar or plaque, then a scale a polish (cleaning) would be recommended. This is done every 3/6/12 months with the dentist or the hygienist, depending on how quickly plaque builds up.

If however, the gum pockets bleed, or are deeper than 3mm, then gum disease is present. If it mild/moderate, then “deep cleaning” will be advised. If the gum disease is particularly severe or aggressive, you would be referred to a Periodontist (a specialist dentist who has done three further years of study in gums health).

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